Update: The AfriCanis a genetic saviour for our ‘pure’ breeds.

It was through the shared insight from the books SOS DOG The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-Examined by Johan and Edith Gallant and The Story of the African Dog by Johan Gallant that I felt so inspired and saw a great opportunity for breeding a better Dobermann. In Januari 2019 I dedicated a blogpost with this as theme, the best option to heal the Dobermann. The AfriCanis ‘Nguni dog’ would be a healthy and sustainable boost for the Dobermann. A created breed what is now in 2020 in a crisis situation and their future is at risk.


Hope & Patience

Was all what I could have after this blogpost but with full awareness of the urgency. The blog was well readed but it received non reply so it was hard to figure out what readers thought of it. The word outcross and Dobermann doesn’t go hand in hand for the majority. The fact to consider the AfriCanis as a saviour by crossing them with the noble purebred Dobermann that must be unthinkable. As a owner and student of the breed there was not so much more to do than to keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities. If these caught my attention it was possible to reach out, to learn and follow new breeding steps for the future. The opportunity came through The Dutch Dog Magazine DogZine although that was my first thought. This Magazine would use Africa as theme for the new edition from March/April.

If you are able to read Dutch this well-informed chapter about the AfriCanis can give you a nice insight. Edith Gallant is the authority in relation to the true AfriCanis.

It was through the informative YouTube video from Dogzine TV about DogsConnected (and outcross) with as host Andre Heuzer who interviewed a founder member about this new Dutch Foundation. When Andre Heuzer mentioned during the conversation about the fact that the AfriCanis Society wouldn’t allowed that the landrace AfriCanis would been registrated I contacted Andre through twitter and shared a comment with the video. I asked him about his interest in relation to the AfriCanis because of mentioning them briefly in the video. Was it because of their genetic diversity, or being a pure canine. I also shared my believe that they could be a good potential for purebred dogs as the Dobermann. He replied and the reason for mention them was that DogZine Magazine would publish a article about the AfriCanis. I also refered to my blogpost from 2019 and shared it with him.

I was looking forward to the March/April edition to read about the AfriCanis. When I received the Magazine my main focus went to the chapter about the AfriCanis. What caught my attention was some text in a separate frame with as title Candidate for outcross ? I was nice surprised that there was information been shared with the editors about the fact that there was interest from the Dobermann in relation to the AfriCanis. To read in 2020 that there was this interest and maybe a plan ( that was my thought) was very positive news. I was eager to get more information because it would be great to share new thoughts with others. I contacted first through several messages Andre Heuzer. I didn’t get any answer. Through a email message also directed to the chief editor Marjoleine Roosendaal I would hoped to receive more information. I used also social media to share my question but all my messages didn’t reach them or has been ignored. For a unknown reason the editors didn’t give me any reply till this day. This was for me the reason to contact Jemima Harrison and asked if she knew something in relation to this. She posted my blog at her FB group Friends of Pedigree Dogs Exposed and I’m thankful for that. So far nobody shared anything new. My concern has al to do with the breed Dobermann, it’s not about me. To use the Dobermann in a separate frame had given me the impression that there was a sort of breakthrough. But without further informative insight or explanation it wonders me what the exact reason was for these lines.

Through reading the Gallant’s books you have to re-think your vision about breeding, the needs of a dog, what is their true nature and how to preserve purebred dogs.

Positive aspect in this matter.

To read about the AfriCanis in the Dutch Magazine I decided to contact Edith Gallant again. I refered to her article in DogZine Magazine and she made me clear that in relation to the Dobermann she had no contribution whatsoever. For a reason it was a pitty to hear that because it mentioned also that there was no serious interest yet been shared with her. Edith is the person to contact in the matter of the AfriCanis, she would know if there was interest.

For me it was also a opportunity to share again my positive believe that the AfriCanis could still be so beneficial for the Dobermann. I was curious about the steps to make if, if you would cross the Dobermann with the AfriCanis. The last days I got more insight in some steps to be taken and Edith is prepared to help. She knows how and where to select for possible candidates. But the first step must be taken from serious Dobermann breeders to cooperate and discuss the possibility for a long term outcross project. A project what is dedicated for breeding a better Dobermann for the future. It’s only the ones who have real interest in the AfriCanis, it’s nature and genetic contribution to rethink all what once was ‘normal’ in the breeding with purebred dogs. I truly think that if it would be a more outspoken possibility between Dobermann breeders around the globe it can succeed. Would it be easy for sure it wouldn’t, will it cost money, oh yes it will and now in the COVID-19 crisis it could be even more challenging. All these points and more will be for the brave ones not a reason to give it not a proper thought. Use this crisis time and notice that the monoculture system has no future a holistic approach is necessary for all creatures great and small.

It’s time for a new story a story about breed preservation.

Thank you for reading this blogpost and stay healthy,


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