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I appreciate your visit and don’t hesitate to give a response. I’m always eager to learn more about the breed and the insights what can be shared from the ones who has the breed in their heart. We don’t have to agree in our thoughts or hopes for the breed but open-mindedness can be very educative.

This blog is dedicated to the ones so noble breed Dobermann. As a friend and student of the breed I’m aware of their status quo and it’s a fact that the population is in a scary position. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog to share articles, photos, thoughts, experience, videos, their history, temperament, future prospective, their nature, memoirs, origin and more. The Dobermann a created breed with a function, loyal and brave companion with personal protection skills from nature, although that is been shared and documented. They have a sensitive spirit and are full in their element if they are part of your everyday life. Of course this is just a little summary of some of what we can read or experience from the Dobermann.

Breeding for a authentic Dobermann in the 21th century is not a easy task. My respect for the breed stewards who are aware of the complexity within the breed and try to do everything to preserve their origin but also have a open mind for their future well being. In regard of authenticity I support DanBar Ranch Doberman from breeder, trainer and author Diane Jessup. She has a eye for proper Dobermann temperament, a expert in relation to reading dogs and is a women who walk the talk.


Genes Matter

Feel free to read my blogs and my hopes for the breeds and it’s future. The 21st Century can become the turning point in the matter of breeding a purebred dog as the Dobermann is. I have shared my thoughts in 3 blog posts. Genetic diversity is one of the pillars of a healthy breeding plan also within purebred dogs !




Outcross is part of breeding a better Dobermann. I dedicated 2 blogs specific in relation to the AfriCanis as a accurate potential. With many thanks to Edith Gallant for her insight.


In relation to theme outcross on behalf of the Dobermann breed I also appreciate it very much that the Dutch foundation DogsConnected shared my two links. This foundation is the first so far who is open minded in regard of outcross in the matter of the Dobermann and the potential of the AfriCanis within it.


My final blogpost so far Be of service, my personal consideration.


Mijn laatste blog in het Nederlands, my final blogpost in Dutch language.


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Gunther, Axel and Ruben all 3 with their own inborn heritage.
Gunther the Boxer is still with me at the age of 9,5 years ( autumn 2020 ).

The blogpost “It’s All How You Raise Them?” describes a close to my heart theme. It’s the reason why I shared it above as a static post.

I’ll truly believe that within this time period we as a human species must rethink everything in life. Back to ‘normal’ is not a option if it ever was one. Breeding dogs is for sure a chapter in our new story what is included in it. We all are ( May 19, 2020 ) at a global level in the middle of a turning point in history and just let it be a holistic one.

Still in 2020 pedigree study is crucial for breeding a better Dobermann. History matters and bloodlines are produced for a reason but they can have a positive or negative result. So that is why to study bloodlines as individual dogs is very important for breeding a better Dobermann. In this matter I reccomended a very accurate source for study pedigrees and related Dobermann issues. It’s Dobermann Genealogy Pedigree & Health.


I have updating my homepage at July 29th 2020 to share some last words. Contemplation can give you a realistic view and it made me decide to let go of the breed Dobermann. Letting go of meaning not be involved and believe I can serve them. Not meaning I don’t care or don’t value my girl Zena anymore or appreciate the breed as ment to be.

My Dobermann girl Zena who I met at the age of 6 years. Now in the Autumn from 2020 she is 9 years young. Although she is my first Dobermann without a pedigree she has for sure many authentic Dobermann traits and she is mentally sound!

It’s because the mayority of the Dobermann community is in full denial in what will be beneficial for a breed in troubled water. They will do eveything besides the one crucial decision and that is a global outcross plan, monoculture has no future. The ones who have studied about biodiversity or biology know that monoculture, regardless the form, is very brittle and susceptible to collapse. Side – note a nice example is to study the Spanish Habsburg Family. If a bloodline is so inbred they will not survive a generation of more than 200 years. The Dobermann had potential in the beginning of wording also through the genetic diversity brought in from the different breeds and individual dogs. The breed founding stock could be a learning curve but it’s been reduced into a very inbred population. The Dobermann in these days form is a example of monoculture just study your Dobermann pedigree and it shows you that fact. I can no longer participate within such a setting because of my personal ethics related to genetic health and how to achieve this. A other reason is that the system in the purebred dog world has a own agenda and my experience within the Dobermann is that it is corrupt. Corruption and breeding for a better and healthier Dobermann doesn’t go hand in hand. To be aware of such a destroying system has made me realase that my service to the breed has no benefit.

Science is been a important tool in relation to show results of the lack of genetic diversity in the breeds population. Science is not the solution even they claim more or less that there is still enough genetic diversity to breed with. A example from September 1st 2020 were the Doberman Diversity Project share a video that there is still some diversity left within the population. Repeating year after year the same lines has not be a help for the breed. The genetic projects had shown that there is a huge lack of genetic diversity in the population and that is a lesson to make a new management breeding plan. Instead they use this as a learning curve they stick to a old school believe of breeding a better Dobermann without new impulse. Would these people who have faith in these projects ever read the valuable articles from Jeffrey Bragg, I doubt it.


I will also use the opportunity to share my appreciation to Christoph Jung from the blog Petwatch. He is a psychologist (MSc ), author, independet researcher and from child a dog lover. Through the years I learned much from his blogposts and articles. He dedicated in 2013 several posts about the Dobermann, DCM and the German Dobermann Club. http://petwatch.blogspot.com/2013/06/ . There were less people who noticed my transparant intentions for the Dobermann breed. Christoph Jung was for sure not one of them and I thank him for the opportunity in mid-July 2020 to be a guest writer at his blog Petwatch. Although I was eager to contribute at first thought and appreciated Christoph’s gesture I decided not to do it. The reason after some reflection for it was that after 7 years of study my share about the breed would not achieve a different mindset what will lead to better breeding.

Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to it “.

-Mandy Hale

Take care and love your Dobermann,

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