Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

I appreciate your visit and don’t hesitate to give a response. I’m always eager to learn more about the breed and the insights what can be shared from the ones who has the breed in their heart. We don’t have to agree in our thoughts or hopes for the breed but open-mindedness can be very educative.

This blog is dedicated to the ones so noble breed Dobermann. As a friend and student of the breed I’m aware of their status quo and it’s a fact that the population is in a scary position. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog to share articles, photos, thoughts, experience, videos, their history, temperament, future prospective, their nature, memoirs, origin and more. The Dobermann a created breed with a function, loyal and brave companion with personal protection skills from nature, although that is been shared and documented. They have a sensitive spirit and are full in their element if they are part of your everyday life. Of course this is just a little summary of some of what we can read or experience from the Dobermann.

Breeding for a authentic Dobermann in the 21th century is not a easy task. My respect for the breed stewards who are aware of the complexity within the breed and try to do everything to preserve their origin but also have a open mind for their future well being.

Feel free to read my blogs and my hopes for the breeds and it’s future. The 21st Century can become the turning point in the matter of breeding a purebred dog as the Dobermann is. I have shared my thoughts in 3 blog posts. Genetic diversity is one of the pillars of a healthy breeding plan also within purebred dogs !




Outcross is part of breeding a better Dobermann. I dedicated 2 blogs specific in relation to the AfriCanis as a accurate potential. With many thanks to Edith Gallant for her insight.


My final blogpost so far Be of service, my personal consideration.


Mijn laatste blog in het Nederlands, my final blogpost in Dutch language.


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The blogpost “It’s All How You Raise Them?” describes a close to my heart theme. It’s the reason why I shared it above as a static post.

I’ll truly believe that within this time period we as a human species must rethink everything in life. Back to ‘normal’ is not a option if it ever was one. Breeding dogs is for sure a chapter in our new story what is included in it. We all are ( May 19, 2020 ) at a global level in the middle of a turning point in history and just let it be a holistic one.

Take care and love your Dobermann,