Hello and be welcome to my personal blog. It’s about my perception after studying, living and loving the Dobermann as well as a individual dog with a soul as being a created purebred dog as a whole.

Besides the Dobermann I will share within this same format personal matters, some in Dutch, and related topics of our own species and the insane realm we have to deal with on a day to day bases.


This weblog is not for the ones who are living in la-la land. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Dobermann’sche Hunde aus Apolda.

This blog is particular dedicated to the ones so noble breed Dobermann and to share respect to it’s founder Herr. Karl Friedrich Louise Dobermann. As a seeker of truth in regard of the Dobermann I’m aware of their status quo and it’s a fact that the population is in a scary position. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog to share articles, photos, thoughts, experience, videos, their history, temperament, future prospective, their nature, memoirs, origin and more. The Dobermann a created breed with a function, loyal and brave companion with personal protection skills from nature, although that is been shared and documented. They have a sensitive spirit and are full in their element if they are part of your everyday life.This is just a little summary of some of what we can read or experience from the Dobermann.

In 1863 was the first presentation of Dobermann’sche Hunde at the Apolda Dog Market. Must have be quite event and we know now that it was the beginning of a growing population

The land of the purebred dog is most of the time a illusion. Their breed description is in the eyes of the beholder and these days the breeds are not to compare in any form of their purpose of wording. For example The Dobermann Breed described as a personal protector from nature can be questioned for sure in the 21th Century.

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Would loved to share my questions with Herr. Grünig.  So many related issues to belows quote what would give some great and educative conversation. And maybe more understanding about the breeds spirit. What should be natural there and what is been lost through decades or is maybe not possible to translate.

Quote from Grüning’s book,what still is one of the must reads in regard of the breed, the English online version, The Dobermann Pinscher- History and Development of the Breed.

The Dobermann is by nature a protector, guardian and companion. If kept in a home and in intimate touch with people he will not require any special training to display his watchful, willing, obedient and brave character. If the dog and his descendants are withdrawn from this environment they show a tendecy to the raginess and slenderness of the Greyhound. Their overflowing power then finds a outlet in viciousness and restlessness, especially in large cities and their intelligence seems to diminish in the same ratio. Fortunately their pristine virtues are only dormant and when restored to their natural environment their original form and character are received in their descendants.

Above quote I have shared many times but so far I didn’t get a satisfying answer or reply on it. For me it is fascinating to know what he exactly ment. And if it is possible to breed for such instinct and how does it pass in lines and how will it be expressed. The second part is even more fascinating and I translate it that the Dobermann settle best in a calm, safe and trustful relationship with his owner or family. Then he will be a sound natural protector. That said if he is far from his safe haven place or with unfamiliar people he will express a more and unpredictable restless behavior. Just my thougt, feel free to share yours.

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A advert with a text what was very common in the early days of the breed.

Some lines from the past.

-Frank H. Grover – writes in his article An Exploration of “A Dog with A Human Mind”

In the Beginning, Let there be mind….The Doberman was not spawn from beauty, but from an almost unimaginable intelligence that preceded them in fame.

“the earliest attempt to describe the Dobermannpinscher was Otto Goeller who described the breed as … A dog with a human mind”.

side note in June 2021 I came across a little blog and the author mentioned about the family Dobermann he was not a dog. He was human. I will share the link from the blog with youPets. – Ramana’s Musings (rummuser.com)

Wherever they went, their deep devotion and minds seemed to establish them as special dogs, truly as Goeller had dubbed them, “the dog with the human mind.

Who doesn’t want these abilities within the breed.

Above lines are just some examples of what is been written about the Dobermann and it’s mind.

The breed is also been called the Einstein among the other breeds. It’s been appreciated from the beginning of wording for his intelligence. Without intelligence I would say they are handicapped. To function as a personal protector, what should be a prior within any breeding plan, can only be expresse if the Dobermann has within it’s equipment a high level of intellect. Their sensitivity is a positive trait, they can be so one with their owners !

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As time goes by language and appearnce changes.

Let there be protective instinct !

The Dobermann as we can read through history is a created breed just for Herr. Dobermann’s personal needs. It’s main goal was to create a dog with natural qualities for protection. The vermin killer instinct was a trait what came with it (through example the Pinscherhunde) because of the heritage and influence from the breeds, crosses and mongrels he used in his foundation stock. I’m curious if they also had a natural instinct for the bad guy ? Through a variety of books and the many articles I have read that Dobermann’sche Hunde were in the beginning in general vicious, fearless, sharp and very aggressive. The Swiss breeder, Gottfried Liechti, who wrote in 1920 ‘They were certainly robust, had absolutely no trace of fear—not of the devil himself—and it required a good deal of courage to own one.’”  Viciousness would for me not a trait to prefer or preserve in any dog, it’s a unpredictable trait. Reliability is on the other hand a trait what is to prefer and to preserve, I’ll do hope Herr. Dobermann had the same thought. I understand that the early breeding generations were very beneficial for the needs from Herr. Dobermann and with him many others . I’ll do not think they had all the ability to function pure only on natural protection instinct. We can not ask and we were not there so everything is from hearsay in relation about the breeds behavior, it’s skill and with this how they act and react to different stimuli.

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Genes Matters.


To quote a other line from Grünig’s book, “Adel “‘ (nobility) must be found in the Dobermann trinity: proportion, harmony and utilitarian character.

Some words from Peggy Adamson described in American Dog News 1945. A Dobe may be reserved, even distant, and still possess excellent temperament. Or he maybe friendly or hospitable, and still have correct temperament. The fact that he is “stand-offish” does not indicate that he is mean anymore than the fact that he is amiable characterizes hima as a fawning sycophant. The Dobermann is a nobleman in the truest sense of the word. His no pseudo aristrocracy. He is warm-hearted, vialant and above all, dead game.

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Source, https://adpef.org/breed-development/second-half-century-1950-present/the-dynamic-peggy-adamson/

I’ts very educative to read about the breed in these nostalgic days, my interest for them is related to that time period. Now many decades later the Dobermann has less to do with all above so called noble words and meanings. For information research through our human history what the word nobel means and to what it refers to. It will go to deep to explain why I share it whitin this blog but read my other blog about purity and maybe you will understand (connecting the dots).

The Dobermann in the 21th Century, how to bring back their authenticity?

Breeding for a authentic Dobermann in the 21th century is not a easy task. My respect for the breed stewards who are aware of the complexity within the breed and try to do everything to preserve their origin but also have a open mind for their future well being. Sadly I notice a lack of out of the box thinking! I have shared my thoughts in 3 blog posts. Genetic diversity is one of the pillars of a healthy breeding plan also within purebred dogs !

Being a Dobermann in the 21st Century, Part 1. – DobermannKeeper (wordpress.com)

Being a Dobermann in the 21st Century, Part 2. – DobermannKeeper (wordpress.com)

Being a Dobermann in the 21st Century,Part 3. – DobermannKeeper (wordpress.com)

Cross Breeding

Is what I believe the best future prospective for the Dobermann population. I dedicated 2 blogs specific in relation to the AfriCanis as a accurate potential. With many thanks to Edith Gallant for her insight and help to make a management plan.

The AfriCanis a genetic saviour for our ‘pure’ breeds. – DobermannKeeper (wordpress.com)

Update: The AfriCanis a genetic saviour for our ‘pure’ breeds. – DobermannKeeper (wordpress.com)

In relation to theme outcross on behalf of the Dobermann breed I also appreciate it very much that the Dutch foundation DogsConnected shared my two links. This foundation is the first so far who is open minded in regard of outcross in the matter of the Dobermann and the potential of the AfriCanis within it.


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It’s about time to open the studbooks.

Still in the 21th Century pedigree study is crucial for breeding a better Dobermann. History matters and bloodlines are produced for a reason but they can have a positive or negative result. So that is why to study bloodlines as individual dogs is very important for breeding a better Dobermann. In this matter I reccomended two sources for study pedigrees and related Dobermann issues. It’s Dobermann Genealogy Pedigree & Health and DoberBase.ru.




Contemplation can give you a realistic view and it made me decide to let go of the breed Dobermann. Letting go of meaning not be involved and believe I can serve them. Not meaning I don’t care or don’t value my 3 teachers during life anymore or appreciate the breed as ment to be.

Letting go because the mayority of the Dobermann community is in full denial in what will be beneficial for a breed in troubled water. They will do eveything besides the one crucial decision and that is a global outcross plan, monoculture has no future. The ones who have studied about biodiversity or biology know that monoculture, regardless the form, is very brittle and susceptible to collapse. Side – note a nice example is to study the Spanish Habsburg Family. If a bloodline is so inbred they will not survive a generation of more than 200 years. The Dobermann had potential in the beginning of wording also through the genetic diversity brought in from the different breeds and individual dogs. The breed founding stock could be a learning curve but it’s been reduced into a very inbred population. The Dobermann in these days form is a example of monoculture just study your Dobermann pedigree and it shows you that fact. I can no longer participate within such a setting because of my personal ethics related to genetic health and how to achieve this. A other reason is that the system in the purebred dog world has a own agenda (a dumbing down breeding theory) and my experience within the Dobermann is that it is corrupt. Corruption and breeding for a better and healthier Dobermann doesn’t go hand in hand. To be aware of such a destroying system has made me realized that my service to the breed has no benefit.

Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to it “.

-Mandy Hale

Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.

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I appreciate your visit and don’t hesitate to give a response. I’m always interested to hear from the ones who has the breed in their heart. We don’t have to agree in our thoughts or future prospective for the breed but open-mindedness can be very educative.

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Blessings to all of you who are a DobermannKeeper,

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