Time for a new Book.

After the informative and important historical reads from Phillip Gruenig, Simon Rietveld and Gerhard Schüler it’s been awhile that there is written a Book about the Dobermann Breed. A book what is more than only some guide for owners and breeders. 

The time has come for a New Dobermann Read, a book what is trully worth the reading and is also a educative study. Timeless material full with historic facts can be a informative guideline to present time and what the needs are for the breed in the future. It would be so appreciate it and believe it’s necessary for a better insight and being true to the breed so many love and adore. Being true to it’s purpose and the many breeders who played a role in lines and influence on the population. I would even make it more accurate with some video material and interviews. The author must have historical knowledge about breeds and  knows how to dig for the right answers also in relation to the different timelines. The research will not be a easy job and needs a long term plan for some material is been studied and can be documented.

Full with ingredienst and elements what would be helpful also for the new generation of breeders and owners. After more than 5 years for me it is still a search to some truths, there are so many different stories and believes what a Dobermann is, how he must behave, what it’s type is and the important how must we managing this breed so after we are gone other generations still could learn and live with this ones so noble breed.

They deserve to be surround with real people, with a real realistic view and no extremes in sport, show or training. Sure a Dobermann without a job isn’t a Dobermann but a job has many faces and they don’t need to go over the top in what we as humans think is good for ego and status. Nothing wrong with being a protector on the field between the herdsman and the sheeps…………the outside is good for mind and body. But probabably some would say that I’m not realistic with this thought. I’m a believer in intrinsic motivation and they will show you what their nature is and some are great protectors from nature and others have other traits inherited. There is through the years of poor selection so many valuable traits lost that what we see as a Dobermann is almost a other breed.

That  would be a interesting chapter about the Tipping Point.


Dobermann and sheperd
This herdsman would for sure have some beautiful stories to share.


I prefer a reference book and in it we will read some unbelievable stories full with politics, intriges, fraud and criminal acts. Nothing new we hear and can read it also in other breeds and their community. But it must stop for the benefit of the breeds, so less value but what is true is true and must be in the books ! Eager to read about the stories from the past but also the present and what we all could do for their future. DCM and cancer causes that the population is diying younger and younger. The time is come for more cooperation and we must get rid of hate, fear and bitterness. Just serving the breed and be open minded.

This new read could be the source for also a community with like minded people who have a delegation in many countries so there will be always people to meet, share, talk and can be helpful for everything what could be releated with this breed. Not for ego but just out of passion. I remember when I started with my first Boxer and trained just with the local Boxer Club in my town  Schiedam that there where normal people with passion for the breed Boxer and they did everything what was necessary for the breed and their owners. Nothing fancy or blabla…..just helpful. Sometimes I miss these days just sit around and talk free about your dogs and not have the fear that they seeing you as a threat just by asking questions. The breed Dobermann is fearless if been bred with the heart his owners and breeders could be open their heart more and learn from the breed they have given us enough signs for it !

back to simplicity

Would such a read will come in the future who knows maybe there is someone already doing some research for it or even start writting some chapters. Time will tell…..In the meanwhile I’m looking forward to receive my new ordered book. It’s not about the Dobermann but about the Great Dane, The Great Dane Booklet. This book will be embraced  with appreciation by it’s breed stewards. 




The Eyes See

SAM_1384How do we see the Dobermann…………..?

do we see them still as a working breed, do we see them as a value contributor for the biodiversity, do we see them as a worthful breed as a whole package of genetics in the world of it’s Canines collegues, do we see them only as a individual what wears the name Dobermann, do we see the individual as a benefit for the population and so as a unit of interest, do we see and recognize still it’s origin and through behaviour their unique traits, do we see but not care or are we closing our eyes and see nothing at all.

If we see what do we feel, are we proud of their well being, do we have faith in their future, do we freeze after reading year after year that their health issues getting worse and worse , do we only watch and think it will not happen to our beloved friend or do we feel nothing at all.

What do we do after the feeling, do we act and try to serve the breed for a better future or do we think what can I do, I can not make a difference…..YES you can. Just little steps with true intention and a passion for the breed will guide you and let you show which path to take and how you can be helpful.

This afternoon I read a post on the Facebook Dobermann DCM Group what got my attention. The words and the way this women described her feelings moved me. Her eyes have seen, feelings and emotions filled with pain and sorrow, she could only act and shared her feelings about her emotional decision . A decision what had a impact for her and the breed. She would not have any Dobermann, maybe if  the breeds health state would get better, in her life anymore.

Respect I have for her, I’ll understand what she have seen, how she feels and act the way she does. If you don’t have the power to deal with it anymore and it gives you so much pain,  letting go can be a act of love and gives peace. She shared also her feelings about the future of the breed maybe it would be better that they had no future. I’ve been there with the same feelings and thoughts.  I changed my mind and do feel that the breeds deserves it’s own place together with all the other purebreds worldwide. Their genes are important not only for the population and preservation but also for the Canine as a species. 

If only there were more who See, Feel and Act with their heart this women would share her whole life further full with love and joy with the breed what is so close to her heart.

The Eyes of a dog Never Lie !


What about the eyes of a Breeder………..?


Krantenartikel Herman
This man has seen, feel and act.  Fürstenfeld’s line of Dobermann are still important.


Reading this morning about selection and mating strategies from the book Managing Breeds for a secure future I thought that the eye of a breeder was a good topic to implement it into this blog as a attachment.

Quote, most succesful animal breeders have an ‘eye’, or an intuitive sense, for which matings will work and which will be less succesfull. The eye of the Master Breeder has, and still does, produce excellence both in performance as well as in eye appeal. Their approach, intuitive and subjective though it often was, gave us these breeds and still has a powerful role in their conservation and continuation. End quote.

So so true and I call this the old school approach, it’s a art to see with the eye ! Never underestimated that this tool was succesful through many ages and is still important besides all other scientific tools. 





When was the Tipping Point.

If I only knew…………

What I can share is that there must been one, it seems a slow process with of course some external influences. This saying there are still these days enough influences and benefits for not seeing the breed as it suppose to be. If it’s creators could only share there thought. A example to mention what had a huge influence on the population were the both wars but this was a issue for many breeds. It must have had consequences for the breed and it’s conformation because of the many losses. What not means that you can not select after these years for it again.

Selection for own flavour is a explanation and the fact that the responsible sources not have blown the whistle, is a act of being untrue to the breed you suppose to preserve. If you are a admire of the Dobermann breed and have respect for it’s creators and their purpose……WHY please share with me WHY I don’t recognize the breed in 2018 if I compare them with the beginning years and some years after WWII.  Why this change for type and even in the working lines I don’t recognize their past ( original ) conformation. The molosser looking types are my main worry, so unhealthy, so not Dobermann, so bad for structure and function, I have the believe that through all the changes in the matter of type we created a whole other dog and lost some specific value traits. Traits what ones was so precious and the reason for many to embrace this breed. The name Dobermann suits only the dog who has the spirit from the original generations before and through the eyes we can recognize some of it…….the eyes are the spirit of the soul and breed !

How long further are we going on with utilize a breed and it’s type.



Zena looks
If I’m correct this is a type from East Europe, rare these days



Guardian a breed and it’s history.

Valuable articles with knowledge and awareness are written by Colonel David Hancock about breeds and their history, purpose, function ,health etc. God what would I love to hear his thoughts about the Dobermann breed and maybe he could share his idea about the tipping point. What would he suggest what must be the prior for their preservation plan……I can only guess. Visit his site and read his articles maybe you can appreciate them just as many others did and still do.





Female 1937
no doubt



I want to take the opportunity of sharing a great and inspiring initiative about how to save and preserve a breed and it’s history.  It suits in a certain way so well to this topic and if there’s a will there’s a way………but it needs discipline and supporters !

A new Great Dane body is created : The Great Dane Alliance, dedicated to the preservation  of the classic Great Dane. BRAVO, I was so thrilled to read this in the newest blog about the Great Dane Gnosis. Big congratulations for all the ones who supported and advised this initiative. A historical step, good luck further in the progress. 

The Great Dane Alliance is created through real people with real power and passion. For me they are the true keeper’s ! This spirit is not given to many……..



Speaking about reading I’m looking forward to the moment I can start reading in the Great Dane Booklet written by Flemming Rickfors. It’s a publication of the history of the Great Dane since time immemorial to today.

“The single  most significant publication on the history of the Great Dane, in 150 years, has finally materialized “.

Because history matters……….








a Unit of Interest

How valuable is TYPE in the Dobermann breed ?

To see so much VARIETY  in the population I guess, share my thought as a owner, it must have less value. If a breed is less typey I believe it can have a negative consequence for the breed itself and it’s unique traits. What impact does this have or can have in relation to their genetic diversity. Selection is what makes a Dobermann a Dobermann, breed and buy with love and understanding, awareness and respect for history, knowledge about health, use genetic tests as a tool, test temperament by mental tests and also through all day life, study the pedigree, see with the eye and be fair what the breed needs at this moment for it’s future. All this can be done without the influence from politics and other useless sources. In the matter of preservation, I’ll do think that this should be the main goal for the Dobermann, the individual is less interesting as we speak about saving the Dobermann as a ‘unique’ breed.

The question is how unique is the Dobermann these days in relation to some other purebreds, with protection skilss. What are their specific traits, what is only or must be only representative in the Dobermann and I don’t mean their appearance. Speaking about this, I don’t recognize many times the Dobermann or what is called Dobermann anymore. I see a Weimaraner Dog in black and tan or a more molosser appearance, bigger is for sure not better. All this doesn’t belong with the breed what shares the name Dobermann. If I go through the beginning of the process and the years after WWII there is still the breed I personally would prefer. Till the 1960/70 the breed was for me at his best all the years later it is going down hill and not only in appearance also in the matter of health, temperament and with this longevity. Although this is my feeling and maybe there is some speculation in it.

I have the believe that if the breed was still under supervision of his creator we would see the breed as he was in his early years and not a dog what we now call Dobermann. I like to quote some lines from the site of Blitzkrieger Kennel and these line could be translated as a specific trait. I don’t say this is to prefer in these days society or how to interpreted it but it is what it is a specific trait what belongs to the breed.  

Quote, the original  Dobermann were often described as “robust with no trace of fear- not of  the devil himself-and  it requierd a good deal of courage to own one of them”.  Subsequent selection ( for confermation ) has greatly diminshed these qualities but hopefully the modern Dobermann should combine the fire and lightning reactions of the terrier with the power and intelligence of the guard and herding breeds. The Dobermann was tailored for police and military work, and to be medium-sized protector-companion at home. End quote.

The terrier influence has given the breed a value trait and sometimes it pop ups more or less in lines or individuals. Some see the value of it and others not……it is in the eye of the beholder.






Be True to Type……..

If not, and we just have to look around and observe the many breeds around us, you can lose some important genes and you will not get them back. The original standard and purpose is gone what was crucial for the breed. With this you have created through selection a other breed with maybe other needs, but maybe I’m to negative.

Function is also a form of type, how much purebred dogs have a function these days and that is why we see so less purebreds with a functional shape. It was their function what was the reason for us humans at the firts place to prefer some breeds above others and now we neglected it and again not without consequences. Can we speak in this matter about purebreds because they needs some specific traits also in relation to function. 

The quest for origin and transparancy can be a life fulfilling journey.

I’m eager to content this journey…………




to prefer
not the individual is important but the unit


Managing Breeds for a Secure Future

The blogpost from Ian J. Seath ( Sunsong Dachshund ) ) with above title had inspired me and made me ordered the book  Managing Breeds for a Secure Future written by Sponenberg, Martin and Beranger’s. http://www.sunsong.co.uk/

At almost the same time I came across the online course Managing Genetics for the Future. So this book would be also useful to follow this course because it refers to it and is requierd for it. Although I’m not a breeder, I do want to understand more about preservation and managing in breeds general. In the matter of the breed Dobermann I hope to get more insight and through this learn more. 

I have no benefits in the Dobermann Community as a whole, it is for me not important to follow one certain group, one specific project, one theory or one believe……I will be involved, support or participate with matters what for is close to my heart and it can help me to understand and learn more, more also about the why question. And maybe through some involvements I help the breed for a better future.

It is shameful to watch what we ( as we in general ) have done to them. 

2039 could be the year that 100 % of the Dobermann will have DCM.



There is still time…..


Dobermann Timeline
mismanagement ?


In the meantime I’m eager to learn everyday about our Canines, their domestication process, our bond through all ages and hope that there are many years left for me as a Dobermann student to learn more about this breed and meet some new faces with the same passion and honest approach.

Spring is the Season for new beginnings, so new beginnings can mean new insights or visions.

I have start, a few hours ago, with a new course and will follow next month a lecture about matters of the heart. Dr. Mark Dirven , diplomate  ECVIM-CA cardiology, who will share his vision about hartdiseases in breeds.


“Spring is the time for plans and new projects”

Leo Stolstoy

Join the vibe and have a beautiful and inspiring Spring Time.





Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave we’re we waiting, by Jocy Meyer.

Above quote has so much value and it is all how you interpreted these words. In the behaviour we can read so much !

German Sheperd and Dobermann
waiting for the right moment to act


Waiting is inherent to be accepted or not, to be heard or not, to learn or not,  to meet like minded or not, to be taken serious or not, to act or not, to make a different move or not, to let it be or not…………

Patience is a tool if you know how to use it it can give you so much insight in life, in people and their words, their actions and how transparant it all is or not.

The Dobermann Breed has so much patience, they sit and wait, sit and wait and sit and wait …….what comes after the wait period. New tests, new tools, new theory, new Facebook Family Groups, new projects…….or will their behaviour in the long process of waiting will be positive rewarderd. ?

They deserve that the rewarding is one full with health, longevity, fitness, eagerness to be a noble,sound, proud and happy breed. I’ll try to do my litle share as a owner in the matter of the rewarding part.

A beautiful video to watch, to learn from and act………..


Be welcome to share your rewarding stategies for the future. 

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.








Be Fearless Be Kind

Where there is fear there is no place for open mindedness………

Fear can be a driving force what keeps breeders from stepping out of their ‘comfort zone’.  There is nothing wrong with a safe haven and to surround you so now and then in it. It can gives you a secure feeling where there is no need to take some obstacle or challenge. In a safe haven you can think, re-think and ask yourself without to be judged by others, I’m I still on the right track. If not there is in every second of the day the opportunity to change your plans or follow a new path what could lead you to a road with lots of new insights and maybe a better approach to breed the Dobermann for the future.

Don’t never let fear be a reason to avoid certain important matters, how difficult or unrealistic they seems to be. With playing hide and seek you will not help or be constructive for any breed and their future generations. It will also not be helpful for your ego, sooner or later you will pay the price. If you don’t have the discipline to just do what is right and be fair what is your drive or essence as a human. There is no place for sentimental hang-up if it comes to breeding better Dobermann for the future, come together and listen, read books  and discuss them together maybe there are value lessons to learn from it, dialogue, don’t underestimate the importance for the whole package ( although some problems like DCM are huge ), create a foundation with like minded people, just real people who are with heart and soul real Dobermann Breeders. Real owners and admires of the breed will be thankful that there is a community who is fearless and outspoken.

child and Dobermann
Be fearleass Be Kind

 Seeing Eye Program………….

I like the concept what is been written about this way of information what is in peoples head. And it works and can be a benefit and useful with all the other tools as a database and a estimated breeding value calculation. I have read about this concept in the book: Griffon Gun Dog Supreme, The History and the Story of how to Improve a Breed by Joan Bailey. This books shares the story about the unique Breeding Programm of the Griffon Club, without the discipline, cooperation from the members and a revolutionair approach it couldn’t be so succesful if describes in the book. Discipline is a personality trait and together with honesty and transparancy it can achieve the best in people and with this the best results for their beloved breeds……Fear is the opposite, go beyond your ego and fear.

Chapter thirthy in the book, The Future: are we on the right track

I will share some lines from the book maybe you find them also inspiring or gives you some food for thought.

it’s the people you choose to put in key positions in your club or program. One needs to asses carefully, over time, apprentic judges,,people for governing positions, people who will serve on a breeding committee. In addition to being expericened and knowledgeable, their primary interest must be in the breed, not in personal gain or in an ego trip. Most breeding decisions in this country ( America ) are made for emtional reasons, ego, enhancement, and personal gain,without regardfor the breed. Look instead for experienced people with a genuine interest in the breed, who are open to learning. Take your time, do not be rushed, because it takes several years to get to know someone well. We can write all the rules in the world, but they aren’t worth much unless the people taking part in the program – from breeding committees and boards of directors, to each dog owner – have a cooperative spirit, trust each other, are ready to work together, and to really listen to each other.

Oh dear oh dear, I’ll believe above words, I’ll support them and know if this isn’t going to happen very soon in the matter of the Dobermann there comes a time we will be sorry for it ………..

The individual breeder or owner will not manage it one their own.

Must be such a privilege to have a Joe nearby, every serious club needs a Joe around them. Do you want to know more about Joe,  Joe Nadekker just read the book.