Covid-19 & the Dobermann

Writing this blogpost feels improper at some level because how relevant is it at this point in our life to write about our breed. I even not know what to share with you exactly. The essence has to do with the effect that COVID-19 have on our species and we must use this crisis as a turning point, so bear with me. There was a time period, not so long ago, before COVID-19 and there will be a time period after. At a global level we are in a deep crisis on all fronts. So in this spring week I felt the need for some words some words wherein there is also room for hope. Without hope we could give up and giving up is no option. As long we have the power, passion, energy, strenght, survival spirit, awareness, love and so on there are enough possibilities to confront this episode in our lives. It will not be easy and many of us are fearfull about what just the next day may bring. This crisis has a necessary function and if we now not wake up and be aware I don’t know what else we need to make it happen. Awareness because we disturbed decades for decades Mother Earth!

Stories are important they have power and are from educative value. The Story of our beloved breed the Dobermann ( Pinscher) is one with many faces and point of views. Through the years some stories diluted and some are exaggerated. What is a fact their health is in a crisis situation and through COVID-19 this can become the next bottleneck for the population.

Reconnect with Mother Earth because we are not seperated from her.

Every creature on this Globe is connected and is there with a reason. There was a time in the Neolithic cultures of East Europe. Old Europe is how it was described by Dr. Marija Gimbutas, we lived in peace. If it was possible then it can be possible now, let us take the opportunity to recreate peace within our lives and hearts. Spring power is in our DNA and would it be wonderful if we could write a new history, a new story……..Maybe you have also noticed that nature is responded these days, she showed us how it can be. Through her smell, the blue open sky, the singing birds, a serene vibe and lots more beautiful moments were animals and plants make us aware of what we had for impact on their life. Let me be clear that through this crisis we all experience sadness, pain, loss, stress, insecurity and all human emotions but it’s not who we are it is what we feel. Nobody ever said that life would be easy but I’ll hope that we use this time period as a learning curve.

Be Blessed if you still can hug your beloved Friend !

Be United.

The Dobermann breed need us so let us united and cooperate for the breed. The breed what served us in many ways and through many decades and was and still is a true Friend. This time period will be a challenge for breeders and caretakers only together we can do it. If the challenge wasn’t big enough before COVID-19 we now are pushed to a new breeding strategy. My personal believe was and still is that a holistic breeding management plan,what includes crossbreeding, is the right and true thing to do. Monoculture landscape, if it’s in relation to food or breeding purebred dogs has shown us that the consequences can be life threatening for all species. Also now is the time to go back to basics and simplicity is a pillar to grow in a mature way. It’s need a deeper insight about the structure and evolution of life itself, the different species, plants, zoönosis, bacteria etc. This historical time period has not yet become to reality we just in the middle of it and with this some enormous changes. But we are not alone so Be United.

Learn from nature, the answers are right there !
Strenght, creativity and wisdom is how we can develop further in this new Story of our species.

My Thoughts are with you.

Regardless the path you will follow and how your new life will be in the future. There is always a new day with new hopes and creativity. Stay true in what you believe and I’ll hope that many of us see this global crisis as a turning point.

Take Care & be a DobermannKeeper also in global crisis situations,


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