Being a Dobermann in the 21st Century, Part 1.

What are their needs, what do they prefer in all day life, do they still suit in todays world and last but not least are they content with us as their stewards and friends…….?

Being a Dobermann has many consequences, it’s not a easy life because of the complex health state we have put them in. We have threatening the health of the entire population. Are we aware, regardless of the fact how good and transparant our intentions may be, that the majority suffers. They not only suffer because of the many inherited genetic diseases what damage their physically well being as a result from it. But also mentally because of many defects, through inbreeding or selecting for weak temperament, what has given them unhealthy stress. The ones among us who have studied the breeds history till these days are fully aware of their status quo. I’ll hear you thinking if it’s possible that a population can suffer and with it have a awareness of the health state they are in. I don’t believe that Canines are capable to think like this and that they are aware specific about their status quo or what the reason is that short life expectancy, the long list of health issues and just not being capable to act and react as a happy dog, is part of their world. This part is a very important one, and I don’t have the feeling we are fully aware of it, it is a fact that dogs belonging to the breed Dobermann as a pedigree dog must suffer because all those elements. All Canines are individuals, also within a breeds population, they have feelings, personalities, emotions and are aware of their body and surroundings. They smell our feelings/emotions and can read our body language very well, it has a influence how they behave and react towards us and their surroundings. A example, if we as being a friend of the Dobermann as in the person of a owner or breeder are sad and have pain never think that the individual is not aware of it. They are and if you have a steady and respectful bond with your Dobermann he or she is there for you. Believe many of us can share plenty of heartwarming stories so how must they feel if we suffer if we recieved a certain diagnosis from a disease with not the best results. Our grief will be noticed and it can give our dogs stress as well. Facebook groups in relation to DCM are full of stories from owners and breeders who are heartbroken because the loss of their beloved companion. My sympathy is with the individual dogs not specific with the owner or the breeder. All those shared emotions and the shared sorriness will not make the breed healthier. The population has and still have suffered emotionally and physically, generation after generation because of our lack of awareness.

Now in 2019 their population is at risk !

What are our exact plans and how much co-operation and willingness is their within the so divided community ?

What if through a study or research( neuroscience) the conlusion is that the population suffers.

To refer to some great research and what is possible by G. Berns.

Or the most famous work from Dr. Jaak Panksepp, the science of emotions.

How do we deal with it from an ethic point of view ?

Breeding a authentic Dobermann is a Art and their head type must be part of unity.
Without the expressive head with the almond eye shape and eye color ( dark or lighter) refer to the color coat, it is far less desirable.
It must be identifiable as belonging to the breed Dobermann.
This said breeding for perfection is impossible and select only for desirable traits is not wise because genes are linked and so unwanted genes will be also represented.

They prefer that we first of all are Canine Lovers, if you don’t have any interest and respect in the Canine as species, the variety within them, and the way we together evolve I truly believe that there is less room for understanding a purebred dog also. I’m a advocate for all who are involved and wants to live their life with a Canine or work/train with them to study some basic elements what can be linked or is related to them. Sadly there is still much miscommunication between our two species and it’s not necessary because there is a huge amount of information available about all kinds of subjects. With this there are around the Globe many knowledgeable people who are very skilled within their field. This said as a newbie in the Dogdom world it can be a challange to search for proper sources and transparant studies but they are there. It needs some time and energy but everything in life is a learning curve, the willingness to understand our Canines will be a beautiful journey. Oh, just a suggestion don’t let Facebook be your prior source to seek for transparancy and accurate information. Themes as domestication How the Dog became the Dog, understanding Canine language, some understanding about the developing of the brain in relation to behavior and the different stages in a dog’s life, awareness of their intrinsic motivation, the importance of hormones for a male and female, their needs for personal space and individual affection these are just some points what will bring more understanding if we want to live with a dog, purebred or not.

Through study the history and developing of dogs you will be able to better understand also where approx the 400 of breeds are coming from. This makes clear that a Dobermann is a Dog first, it belongs together with all the other purebred dogs to the Canis familiaris. All the specif traits and skills we selected for creating the variety of purebred dogs exist in the Canis familiaris, it’s the source of becoming a purebred. The natural instincts are survival skills and it was through the hunting skill that our species could make the first steps to coevolution. This is such a important part in the history of both species evolution. I’ll do believe that it’s now time that we share respect for the bond we have with our Canines by doing what is beneficial for their well being and welfare. Through study and being fair to yourself and your family it can help to make a desicion if a Dobermann is the breed you want to life with. It’s genetic prodisposition is a fact and don’t be so unfair to the individual dog that you think and try to change it’s nature for own ego. Better for all parties to pick a breed what suits more with you and your lifestyle. Last but not least you must be capable to some difficulties and emotions in the matter of their overall health state. Don’t be surprise for unwanted surprises. Be clear in the head and don’t become to theatrical if diseases or even worst pop up. A Dobermann owner must be prepared for the whole package and if you have study the breed you know what I mean. Herein is a huge obligation for the Breed Politics, they must be a transparant source for all kinds of information.

First and for all the Dobermann is a companion and will appreciated to be involved within your life and heart. They even can be your best ( Dober ) man, to refer to this beautiful wedding card.

Sustainability without it no future.

Sustainability & Awareness these two words are very prominent in how to survive the 21st Century and not only for the Dobermann. It’s a complex and unsecure future for all species and through foresight the Human species could have stop the massive extinction of a huge amount of species as plants, wildlife, insects, fish and so on. We didn’t and even these days the general public is not fully aware that we as species are also in a risky position. I have not the illusion that with my little share about preserving the Dobermann people will wake up and do what is right. If our beloved breed the Dobermann would become extinct, what is not a rare fact, it will not damage much the Canine species as a whole. Breeds come and go that is what history has showing us. This said I’ll still hope that the authentic Dobermann will be guard for decades through the ones who have them in their head and heart.

Matters of the Heart, Heart Matters !
The Dobermann has given us more than enough signs that it’s about time to start with a other breeding strategy.
Responsible breeding can only achive if we open all breeds STUDBOOKS.
It’s the only left option.
The Dobermann and future potential owners/breeders will be thankful for it !
Let us open ower hearts by open the studbooks.

Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability in relation to future breeding with the Dobermann can covers a broard area with related aspects. Todays world demands that we must rethink every step we take if it’s about breeding dogs, what we eat, what we give our dogs to eat, to use the car or not and so on. The ecological Paw Print of Dogs (EPP) can not been neglected and needs that we be aware of their impact at the Globe as well. For example over-harvesting for the pet and food trades.

Sustainability through; genetic diversity, data, science research, education and inform the public, creating a new approach for breed evaluation, to stay true to a breeds authentic purpose, awareness about food, vaccination, cooperation, awareness about brain development and behavior, evolution process and future prospective, not spay or neuter pups as being a normal concept, conserve valuable bloodlines and traits, working with population genetics.

Stop the blaming part the fact is nobody was to blame, the current health problems were always going to happen ….. eventually. This line was shared with me many years ago by a very intelligent Dog steward and breeder David Cunningham. Such a inspiring man and I have always appreciated his sharings and explanations when I had some questions.

I selected some pillars they all have a value for the breeds sustainability. First and for all genetic diversity is prior 1. The Dobermann has less, as many studies have shown us, it has a huge impact at their immune system. Speaking about pillars the immune system is also one.

We need litters to sustain the breed but through the high percent of inbreeding and lack of vitality and fitness it becomes in danger.
Herr. Dobermann was a skilled breeder and selected different dogs/breeds for his dog of ditsinction. Variety in a breed has a reason !

With this blogpost I share some recent studies/research related to the breed.

I have contacted  dr. H. Fieten because I came across a post that she has got a subsidy for a 3 year study.  This study/research is about the genetic diseases within humans and purebred dogs. Because they can have the same diseases as we know. I thought maybe she has some interest in the new recent study from dr. G. Wess. I shared it with her and she responded to thank me and  also shared one of her recent studies.Association of the canine ATP7A and ATP7B with hepatic copper accumulation in Dobermann dogs.

These are the links:
Dr. H. Fieten also mentioned that besides this paper she also validated a DNA test with it.

Doberman pinschers present autoimmunity associated with functional autoantibodies: A model to study the autoimmune background of human dilated cardiomyopathy.

O2 Use of cross-country data for estimation of heritability of longevity and heart-related deaths in Doberman Pinscher.

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