Be Their Keeper also in 2019 !

Dobermann Pedigrees
Don’t let it all get lost !


It still seems that in 2019 it isn’t possible to create a great amount of like-minded people who realy take the time and effort to make a plan for the Future………..Not only through social media but through meetings as for example a seminar about the Dobermann Future. A seminar with a broard diversity of outspoken speakers who are specialist all in their own field. You can only visit such a event if something is been organized but I guess there isn’t a soul in the whole world who has given this a thought. While traveling all around the Globe to visit for example shows, IDC events is no problem. On the other hand all that time, energy and money could also be spend in far more ethical issues and Better Breeding is one of them. There comes a time that traveling for shows or IDC events is history because there is nothing to travel with……….there will be no Dobermann to show off in what event at all. In my opinion all that traveling is not beneficial for any Canine it’s more a human activity.

As a owner your voice is last heard and you can mainly sit, wait and pray if there comes a turning point for better. Of course you can decide not to buy a pup, look for a rescue Dobermann or just stop with the breed. The minority with the best intentions come off second best but it’s always far better than to follow  the herd and be a hypocrite. As years goes by my hope and believe for a real difference in the Matter of Breeding in regard to the Dobermann and it’s health are almost gone because “purity of the blood” seems still a soul saving concept. The Victorian mentality still has a influence and is a believe what is hard to get rid of.


a one women-dog
The Dobermann can be a fine one-women dog !

What will bring 2019 for the Breed and the new initiatives……

It reminds me many times  of a Rat Race to see how groups, projects and some individuals express themself, it is if they like to reinvent the wheel. Through all these initiatives it’s a study to seperate the wheat from the chaff and oh lord if you participate with the ‘wrong’ project or group, you get the opposite side against you…….It’s even worse than Kindergarten. Doberdom and social media a ingrediënt for a hostile vibe, never a dull moment that is for sure.

Does it suit the breed ? Less will ask this question !  The fact is they still drop dead like flies.  If you read and believe the emotional and heartbreaking post what is  been shared  almost daily on the different DCM Dobermann Groups on facebook. New groups are popping up like mushrooms, the one is even more transparant than the other……? Naming and Shaming is a approach from all-time but I don’t know if this is the path what will help the breed for better at the end. I also don’t think that again and again new lectures given by different cardiologist will bring a other new insight or instant solution.  The results and advices from the past are very clear and outspoken. Not only from cardiologist also from professor’s in genetics and biology. To quote a line from my email corresponding with dr. Jeffrey Schoenebeck from the University of Edinburgh: that there can be conditions that are close to “fixation” . There is nothing to breed away from. End. This can be so true for the Dobermann breed although that is my consideration. Not even mentioned their genetic diversity what is so less, the whole population is so close related. I have visited last year different lectures and seminars what was for me as a owner very valuable. The wise words from  professor Jan van Hooff a Dutch biologist and the Dutch Ir. Ed. J. Gubbels, population genetics, resonate still so clear in my head. Why are these man not invited to give a lecture about their field, it is so educative. I guess they will share many points what breeders and board members of a Kennel Club or assocation not want to hear.

 The Course I followed online in april 2018, Managing Genetics for the Future lectured by instructor C. Beauchat from The Institute of Canine Biology, was for me very educative. By Ed. Gubbels.


dobermann for work and family
The Dobermann a protector, worker and a trustworthy companion  !

Nostalgic portraits and reads has given me mainly the best describtion of the breed, it’s temperament in the context of it’s purpose of wording. The Dobermann I’ll prefer, I recognize through conformation and attitude. I have the feeling that the breed is misunderstood by many breeders and owners, aswell in the past as present days. The consequence of not reading properly a dog’s language, selecting for undesirable traits and only focus on conformation has been catastrophic. The lack of sound working temperament and a balanced nervous system from nature is rare. The Dobermann is a family member, companion, personal protector and guardian all in one. It’s a dog what is in it’s element if he /she can be around the family and not be in a outside kennel or inside in a crate. How can you be a protector if you not freely room around your family or handler ? Only to show off some skills on a trainings field or showring isn’t what suits the breed Spirit……although that is my thought. It’s a brave dog but they are also sensitive and need affection and love.

A Dobermann just wants to be close by the ones he love, be thankful for this !

No breed, or type of  bloodline is soul saving or unique only by it’s persona. It can be come their downfall and there will be no turning back. Of course re-creation is a option it’s been done in the past also with some other breeds. Within the breed Dobermann I have the believe there are still options left, there is enough knowledge in a broard spectrum and it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. DCM is the main challange because there would be no line free. The breed needs also genetic diversity and that is a topic what gives many breeders and owners the tickles. Higly I reccomend the books from Mark Derr, Michael Brandow and Edith and Johan Gallant. They describe so well and transparant about the Canine species and our breeds who we say we admire and love so much. With the lost of breeds you loose also some important genetic material what is so valuable for the Canine species as a whole and for biodiversity. This point only had to be a wake up call for doing better and be a best Friend of the Breed !

Looking forward how the community around the Globe act in 2019 in favour of the breed, it’s health and well being.

I hope they will surprise themself and with this also the breed. 











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