Zena’s 7th Birthday

The magical number 7, the average age of the Dobermann Breed is between 5 and 7 years if I did understand the many articles and studies correct.  I have read the last 6 years so much in relation to this noble breed and the more I’ve read the more questions arise.

Zena our beloved rescue girl.


I’m aware of the consequences of owning a Dobermann and be realistic enough to not become theatrical if sad things will happen. We just live our life and enjoy the time together we have no certainties………


Relax and comfort but always alert for some interesting matters ( vermin for example ).


Every owner does what he or she thinks has a value or could work beneficial for health, longevity and just a Happy Dog Life. We prefer to feed Raw Meat, vegetable, herb, fish and some supplemenst. No vaccinations, no flea or tick products and try to balance between activities and rest ( stressreducation) . We give enough room to let her be herself and don’t push anything but we have our boundaries in a correct way.

We have Zena almost 1 year and she was used to be almost always outside and to be a guard dog. She has no pedigree, not neutered, had only 1 puppy vaccination and had less visits to a vet. She is from Poland and is a free thinking dog with some Dobermann traits. She gives me the feeling of a more older type from the past and has less new type Dobermann influences. Could be her benefit, time will tell.


Just being Zena , wednesday 26 september 2018.



Happy Birthday Dear Zena, we are glad to have met you and believe you are also pleased with us. Very quick after your arrival you came upstairs and sleep with us under the blankets if it was always be like this. You are the first dog who does this and we let it, you are one of the family. If sleeping with us is what you prefer and it feels safe it is just fine with us.

So please sleep with us for many many years…………..








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